Ferris Faves Mix Tape

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Name Ferris Faves Mix Tape
Project type Books + Videos
Date 15/12/2016
Time 18:00
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About this project

We're making a mix tape to give as a Christmas present to Mark Ferris!

We've been a little sneaky here ğŸ˜ˆ  

We were snooping around our ultimate fave Mark Ferris' Twitter account and we discovered this tweet he sent asking for someone to make him a mix tape.

After seeing the tweet we let out an "awww' at the idea of making a mix tape, but also we thought "now that ain't a bad idea". What Ferris wants, Ferris gets. So we have decided to put together a mix tape filled with all his favourite tunes to give to him for Christmas, but we need your expertise as to which songs we should include. 

Everyone who joins the project will have their profile pic included on the mix tape cover when we send it to him so it's the perfect way of doing something nice for him and being recognised in return. 

How To Take Part

  1. Step 1

    Upload a profile pic to be included on the tape cover.

  2. Step 2

    Make a suggestion of a song to be included on the mix tape using the comments box. Only one song per comment please.

  3. Step 3

    Up vote or down vote selections and the most popular ones will be included when the project ends.

  4. Step 4

    Invite all your friends to take part and vote for your selections.

Stuff you need

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