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Name Shawn Mendes Fan Book!
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Date 28/05/2017
Time 11:00
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Paris mendes


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About this project

Calling all Mendes Army! We wanted to show Shawn how much he means to us by creating a fan book with messages from the Mendes Army all over the world. He always shows us so much love and we wanted to give a little something back! On the London date of the Illuminate Tour (28th May) we'll be giving the book to Shawn and we can't wait for him to see it! 

To get involved with this fan book, just join the project and follow the steps below. Let's show Shawn all the love and make this the best book ever! 

How To Take Part

  1. Step 1

    Send in your artwork, messages, edits or favourite photos of/with Shawn. 
    Tell us your name, where you're from and Twitter @ (if you have) and edit it on your entry using PicMonkey

  2. Step 2

    Upload your entry! 

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