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The tour finished and thousands of fans took part in the fan project. Thanks for making it a massive success.


Sounds Live Feels Live worldwide Project (Australian dates)

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Name Sounds Live Feels Live worldwide Project (Australian dates)
Project type Concert
Date 05/10/2016
Time 21:00
Location No set location


Creators of the first WW 5SOS tour project, for more details check our website.


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About this project

This is a worldwide project so it will be taking place during all of the concerts of the Sounds Live Feels Live Tour. The goal of this project is to not only show our love and support to 5SOS, but to also appreciate the fans and talk about their struggles, their problems, their demons and everything else they have been going through. We wanted to thank 5SOS and show them that they are making a difference in our lives, that they inspired people and that they helped others overcome their difficulties and get stronger.

How To Take Part

  1. Step 1

    What do I do to take part? The idea is simple, during the song 'Jet Black Heart' hold up the designed poster (A4) with the words "I am " on it, filling in the blank with the words of your choice, describing something about yourself, positive or negative. It can be an insecurity, something people give you a hard time for, or something that you are proud of. examples: "I AM Weird" " I AM Anxious" "I AM a Nerd" "I AM Strong" " I AM Brave" "I AM Alive" If you don't feel like writing something too personal, you can just put "I AM Me" or "I AM Who I am" instead! What Michael Clifford said about this project : "When you held up those signs in the last part, that was honestly beautiful. That was seriously one of the greatest things I've ever seen at a show, not just our own, but any show. The fact that people are comfortable enough to write down what you think you are, that is truly beautiful." We will also be organizing a meetup before most concert dates, for more details check out our website under organiser and our different social media accounts. If you liked this project but your concert is already over, you can still make an I Am poster and send us a selfie with it, we might include it in our final project video. We've also started to plan a new project for the next tour!

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